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SwingSwap makes swinging more exciting and meaningful for couples who are into swinging.

Our site is free for anyone who wishes to join and the sign-up process is very simple.

If you’re looking for local swingers from the UK or fancy a little dogging, you’re at the right site. Meet swingers, indulge with cuckolds or whatever turns you on, through chats, sex forums, and arranged events. There are many dogging and local swinging sites on the Internet today, promising the chance to meet with local swingers – some are real but most are scams loaded with false profiles. Our site offers the real experience and what’s more our SwingSwap member community help us maintain the quality and effectiveness of the site. Here you will find horny people just waiting for special sexual attention, mature swingers, groups, bi and straight people, all ready to fulfil your secret desires.

Fill out your profile information completely. Each member is provided with an exclusive profile page. Thus, you can easily communicate with other local swingers and communicate to them your interests, post photos and videos or find out how to hook up with horny housewives, for example. Find members of SwingSwap according to age, looks, location and leisure activities. You are assured of being able to hook up with someone quickly.

Our site is one of the most popular in the UK. SwingSwap gives members different means to meet local swingers using our multiple search techniques, adult chat facilities and unique messaging system. Our ultimate goal is to create a protected environment for those who go in for adult dating and dogging activities.

Here are some useful pointers for couples who

are new in swinging to avoid being overwhelmed:

Make sure that you know what this is all about before you even join the bandwagon of cuckold or the like. Visit a number of events before eventually participating. Some clubs will permit new swingers to visit the facilities at the start. Set some rules that you should follow strictly such as watching or being watched, touching or being touched, sex between couples.

Join us now at SwingSwap, one of the best free sex sites* in the UK.

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SwingSwap is dedicated
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to chat, meet and play!

SwingSwap has been designed for adults who want to explore their sexuality with like-minded adults. The SwingSwap site is easy to navigate, with lots of members throughout the UK and free to use*. The world of Swinging has its own protocols and nuances which are worthwhile knowing if you want to get the best out of the experience. The first rule is: treat other people as you wish to be treated.

This is a different kind of world. You are exposed to various couples, individuals and your sexual perspectives are bound to develop as you interact with other people. For many of our members Swinging is a lifestyle choice – people may be married, single or in a relationship to varying degrees with single or multiple partners. Swinging has become more popular in recent years as the apparent equality and liberation of sexuality has emerged in society.


A Handy Guide for
Doggers and Dogging

Members also use SwingSwap as a platform for Dogging activity. A small section of the community, men and women, are turned on by the risqué nature of dogging meets (car parks, lay byes, woods and outdoor venues). Sex in a public space is an electrifying experience for some people. It is a fantasy among many couples or strangers that some wish to experience. Dogging is a popular past time for a small number people across the UK however, participants need to be extremely careful about sexual diseases as start and secondly be aware that sex in public places is illegal. People who wish to experiment with this activity face the real risk of being charged and even ending up in prison. This site in no way condones such activity.

Meet like-minded singles and couples for wife swapping and partner swaps Experience wife or partner swapping, one on one or as a group, with our online swingers at a whole new level; remember this is not just an ordinary site, this is where wife and partner swap really happens, adding a whole new dimension of fun and satisfaction to your life. Once you have experienced these delights we know that you’ll be back for more! Give yourself a chance to meet swingers from across the UK - for more than just casual conversations!